Can I Change My Assigned Cloudflare Nameservers?

I have 30+ domains on Cloudflare. All of them are using (are assigned) the same set of Cloudflare nameservers. Recently I’ve deleted a domain and tried to re-add them but now the system assigns a different set.

It would be easier for me to keep track if all domains were using the same nameservers because I have a lot of them. Is it possible to request this?

Sounds like you’re being hit with this one:

Nameserver assignment · Cloudflare DNS docs

With Account custom nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs, you can do that.

It does however require you to have a Business or Enterprise plan, as mentioned under Availability in Custom nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs.

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I deleted the domain from Cloudflare, then changed nameservers at my registrar to another host, let them resolve, and only then re-added the domain to Cloudflare. Still, I’m given a new set of nameservers.

It’s not a big deal, just one more thing to keep track of alongside many others.

They aren’t actually different nameservers and they are always set automatically by Cloudflare, so it isn’t really necessary to keep track of them, especially since they will be different if you delete the domain from Cloudflare, or move it to another Cloudflare account.

You can always find the current assignment in the DNS app of the domain in the Cloudflare dashboard. The API should also be able to provide this information.

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By keeping track I meant my internal notes and procedures that I need to delegate to others so they can keep track and they usually don’t have access to the Cloudflare dashboard.

It is far easier to have the same NS set for each domain. Now, I have to set up a table with all domains and corresponding NS sets.

But thank you all.

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