Can I change DNS records based on a time table?

For example, I want to have an A record be valid until a specific time, and afterwards I want to have the same A record point to another IP address…

Is this possible with Cloudflare DNS, without having to refrain to the API?

I.e tinydns does have such a feature:


You may include a timestamp on each line. If ttl is nonzero (or omitted), the timestamp is a starting time for the information in the line; the line will be ignored before that time. If ttl is zero, the timestamp is an ending time (``time to die’') for the information in the line; tinydns dynamically adjusts ttl so that the line’s DNS records are not cached for more than a few seconds past the ending time. A timestamp is an external TAI64 timestamp, printed as 16 lowercase hexadecimal characters. For example, the lines

specify that will have address until time 4000000038af1379 (2000-02-19 22:04:31 UTC) and will then switch to IP address

Nothing native, would have to use the API.

If you’re using proxied records though, you don’t need to wait for dns propagation, so it would be way faster/no need to dynamically adjust ttl.

Yeah, but it’s not for TTL. It is for changing a DNS record based on time. The example above is quite comprehensive.

In my specific case, we hand over responsability of running a webserver to another company. They want the A DNS record point to another IP address starting at a time that is inconvenient for us (nobody in the office).

It would have beed great to be able to add attributes to a DNS record via the Cloudflare GUI, like “make this entry active until 30.04.2024 23:59” and “make this other entry active starting at 01.05.2024 00:00”.
In the Cloudflare GUI, that is.

With TTL setting to auto, or setting it to a small value, that would be more than sufficient too.
Propagation is another matter entirely and in this caser I would nor care.

Is there something like a “please add this feature” function or whishlist in Cloudflare?

Well the idea was more it wouldn’t be too much work to script it, as all you need to do is change it at a time and if it’s proxied all traffic will pretty instantly switch over.

There’s a Feature Request Category:
Feature Request Submitting & Feedback

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