Can i cancel godaddy ssl

Sorry, but I am truly confused.

Moved my DNS records to Cloudflare, I have a GoDaddy website and they charge me $100 a years for SSL.

It appears the SSL is active on Cloudflare ( Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full) , so can I just cancel the SSL from GoDaddy or do changes need to be made to Word Press??

Thanks for your time and effort.

No, you can’t. You still need a certificate on your server, but it doesn’t have to be a $100 one. You can also get a Lets Encrypt certificate or a Cloudflare own Origin certificate, both for free actually.

The search will have more for both types of certificates.

But you still need a certificate on your server and your mode should actually not be “Full” but “Full strict”.

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Gee fast great reply.

One more question and only one!

Can anyone help me do that?
Willing to pay of course.


An Origin certificate you can get issued at and that will be probably easier than Lets Encrypt (assuming you want to proxy your site over Cloudflare).

You will just need to copy and configure the two files you get on your server. The forum here is not so much for paid work though :slight_smile:

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Thank You again

Should you want a Lets Encrypt certificate have a look at GitHub - acmesh-official/ A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol

Plus, would help with the details. But, as long as you proxy, an Origin certificate will be easier to manage.

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