Can I Cache File Downloads Only?

I have some MP4 and WEBM video files hosted on my site for DOWNLOAD NOT STREAMING. Can I setup Cloudfare so only these files are cached and served without having to do DNS changes and re-route my whole website domain through Cloudfare? If so, how?

If I have to transfer DNS for the website domain to Cloudfare, to get around this could I just setup a subdomain on my end that only has those download files hosted on it and then transfer the DNS just for that subdomain? There wouldn’t be any HTML pages, an index page, etc, just MP4 and WEBM files.

Use of the Service for the storage or caching of video (unless purchased separately as a Paid Service) or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content, is prohibited.


So can I just pay by the bandwidth used like other services? I calculated I’m transferring about 50GB a month in video file downloads. Some competing services are in the $0.04 - $0.08/GB price. At even $0.08/GB that’s $4.00 a month. But isn’t Cloudfare selling subscriptions for much more than that for their paid services? Maybe Cloudfare isn’t the best fit for this type of stuff?

That would be correct. You could look at Stream though.

This being said I can also tell you that 50GB/month would hardly be noticeable. They won’t care most likely. Provided that you store also other files and don’t use it excessively.

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