Can i bypass government restrictions by using cloudflare?

Hey, im living in Turkey. We have strict rules about nudity here and government keeps blocking ip addresses of the sites that has nudity in it. Can i bypass it by cloudflare somehow? Is it possible?

Not sure if you’re hosting the content or accessing it? I’m going to assume just accessing it.

Yes, Cloudflare could possibly help there - try changing your DNS servers to and to see if that works. If there are still issues then try using Firefox along with its new ‘encrypted DNS’ options. If there’s still issues then look into enabling ESNI in Firefox and see if that helps.

If all those fail then you are going to need to use a VPN to get out of Turkey’s restrictions.

For what it’s worth, I’ve no idea if any of the above breaks the law in Turkey, I know it can be quite draconian there so I’m just going to say this info educational in nature and using it may land you in trouble. Please understand you’re bearing this risk yourself.

Good luck!

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Im hosting the website. Its not illegal to access the content with vpn in Turkey but government keep putting restrictions… Just the people wth Vpn can access to my website. Is there anyway?

1 Eki 2019 Sal 01:29 tarihinde saul via Cloudflare Community [email protected] şunu yazdı:

There are ways around such blockings but not much Cloudflare can help with.

If a government decides to block pages, the have several options. All of them rely on local telcos, like

  • DNS block, which is the easiest to get around, as long as you can use provider independent resolvers or know the IP of the website.

  • Null routing, where ISPs get forced to sinkhole traffic for specific IPs or whole networks. Probably a VPN can help.

And much more. Tor can probably help too.

That doesn’t make sense to me. :thinking: I thought they are usually blocking stuff which is ‘problematic’ from their point of view.

You’re right here, just because you can “skip” their firewall, it does not mean it’s legal.
I doubt cloudflare wants to endorse this activity.

Cloudflare a proponant of freedom of speech.
But things like this are simply out of their control.

Thank you all for your answers guys and yeah our minister says, we put restrictions for the younger. They shouldn’t access adult content easily but anyone who wants to access could use vpn, dns etc.

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