Can I Block Site Access by Network Domain?

Hey Guys,

I noticed an unusual increase in our sites direct traffic reports and did a bit of digging. Apparently some one is scanning our site with some software. I can only view this information through Google Analytics so I can’t get my hands on their IP addresses - the only thing that I can see is their network domain. Do I have any options in Cloudflare’s firewall to block access to our site based on this network domain? If not, are there any options available to me at all to block this scan?

No, you can’t block by domain name. It would really help if you could just look through your logs to see if you can track down some IP addresses of this scan. Or even a User Agent string would help. GA doesn’t provide any more information than what you showed?

After doing some digging I can pull a server side report for the IP address however they are all ISP Cloudflare. So I’m thinking that won’t help me out here. I was also able to pull up a user agent report which I have attached to this post - according to Google Analytics, the scanning software is operating out of IE9 browser.

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