Can I be a server without cloudflare for awhile?

My server is next to me. Although I initially bought the domain name from google and transferred it to cloudflare, can I eliminate cloudflare from the loop?

The recent attack is being blocked several ways (cf owns and so I’m defeating myself here).

So my question again is can I not have cloudflare in the loop for awhile?

Wrong question? Now my server is unreachable LOL

To address point #1: On Cloudflare’s dashboard, clicking the Pause button will turn off Cloudflare completely, except for the DNS feature. More specifically, it causes all DNS queries to return the direct/real IP instead of Cloudflare’s proxy address.

As for the rest, blocking huge chunks of Cloudflare’s network is not productive if you are using anything other than Cloudflare’s DNS, literally all you will do is block visitors to your site. The requests are likely not originating with Cloudflare, but instead are being proxied from somewhere else by Cloudflare (which is literally what Cloudflare does).

Investigate what is the correct way to put your web server behind a reverse proxy, a lot of web servers or underlying products have the ability to rely on proxy headers, but they won’t do so unless specifically enabled.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I never suspected it was cloudflare that was searching for every page of every type of bible which I don’t have here (that apparently is google’s ip addresses doing that).

p.s. I’ll attach a screenshot of what I’m up against. Although the logs show true ip addresses of the original visitors, the 162.158.x.x is still able to elude the logs entirely as shown by the screenshot (and the fact that now the only difference is that I get only one additional connection to cloudflare when I’ve added all their connections to allow-list).

Anyone ever host their own domain name and dns service to propagate it?

Oh wow, I changed my dns servers and now my site is accessible again. What gives cloudflare?

Based on how you have rewritten your previous posts you have hidden all the useful clues as to what is going on here.

You blocked Cloudflare from accessing your server, therefore any requests passing through Cloudflare fail. This is expected and based on your older edits you seemed to understand this, so I’m not sure I understand your apparent confusion here.

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What gives cloudflare?

Is anybody having problems today (august 1, 2020)?

All my Cloudflare sites are functioning, and there’s nothing in Cloudflarestatus.


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