Can I add unlimited amount of websites and issue SSL for each?

Hello, Cloudflare community! :wave:

I’m building a website builder. My users create websites with my online service and connect their domains.
I’m trying to find a smooth way to provide my users with domains SSL certificates.

My friend gave me an idea: connect each new domain to Cloudflare via API.
At first, this approach seemed like abusing this wonderful service. But I decided to give it a try and ask you what do you think :thinking:

So, here is the question: can I add hundreds of domains to my personal Cloudflare account and issue SSL certificates for each of them via API? Is it allowed by the terms?

Thank you very much for your assistance! SSL certificates turned out to be the trickiest part of the whole project. So if you help me, I will be the happiest man on Earth! :heart:

You can add as many domains as you please, there is a free plan for that reason. You don’t even need to use the API if you add one single domain, the UI is easy and a fast process.

I would suggest two things:

  1. make sure you implement SSL on the server as well, don’t use Cloudflare to fake it for the users (Cloudflare has free origin certs for websites that use it’s service that it accepts and last up to 15 years).
  2. make each client an account and add yourself as an Admin, it’s easier to manage and less problems if you ever decide to drop (or are dropped :sweat_smile:) as manager. It will also add less bloat to the main account and the domains are split per account.

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