Can I add site on already with an image cdn

So I’m hosting a website on and wanted to know whether I can add a paid Cloudflare account for this static HTML based site.

  1. Can both CDN’s work together ?
  2. Can Tilda CDN be disabled using tools inside Cloudflare and only Cloudflare used ?


Tilda doesnt seem to be a CDN but rather a host. Strictly speaking, Cloudflare is not a CDN either.

As long as all resources you want to cache come from your own domain, it shouldnt be a problem to add that site to Cloudflare. Whats your domain?

Thanks sandro!

Actually hosts all images on CDN as per their terms.
I just wanted to know whether adding cloudfare will work so that the entire static site can be on CDN.

Just confused about what confusion will tilda CDN and Cloudfare CDN cause.

I am just about to host the site, so will let you know soon.

Thanks Again.

As long as they host the images under a URL which belongs to your domain you can use Cloudflare. If they dont you can still use Cloudflare for your domain, however the images wouldnt be proxied on Cloudflare.

I guess I will start with the free plan on Cloudfare. And if there are no problems then upgrade to the paid plan. If it creates problems, I’m guessing it’s not a problem to remove your site from Cloudfare.

Thanks Again.

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