Can I add additional nameservers cloudflare, to resolve the dynamically created subdomains?



Hi Team,

I have a reseller hosting account from hosted on “” as a top level domain. I am using the name servers: ns1_byet_org, ns2_byet_org, ns3_byet_org, ns4_byet_org.

Any user creates the free web hosting account by using “webhostservice_in”; it creates a permanent URL “”; until that person adds the public domain and use my nameservers (ns1_webhostservice_in & ns2_webhostservice_in).

Now coming to the main issue; when I replaced those 4 nameservers provided by ifastnet with “janet_ns_cloudflare_com” & “pete_ns_cloudflare_com” by adding “A” records for all the static subdomains (such as order_webhostservice_in, cpanel_webhostservice_in, ftp_webhostservice_in, webmail_webhostservice_in etc…) everything was working. Except the dynamic subdomains created from their USERNAME during the free webhosting package subscription for each user. Since adding “A / CNAME” record for every subdomain is not feasible due to manual work.

So I need your help to understand, if you have any mechanism where, “janet” & “pete” fails to resolve the subdomain; then we can actually tell cloudflare to use now “ns1_byet_org, ns2_byet_org, ns3_byet_org, ns4_byet_org.” to resolve the subdomain further? So in this way, I can use Cloudflare services.

Thanks in advance.


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Not easily. You would have to specifically delegate the subdomain(s). I’ve not done this, so I’m not sure it’s as simple as this:

I believe this involves setting NS records for subdomain: “SUB” and pointing them to the desired name servers.


Hi sdayman,
Thanks for your reply. Can you please elaborate on the solution, to help me understand? Thanks


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