Can I actually get some support live support?

I need support to help update your DNS records. I have no idea how this platform works.

Have you looked at the DNS documentation?

Or this guide?

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Can’t someone just sort it out for me. I don’t understand this stuff.


How do you contact support please?

Also, I’m not adding a new site.

You could find someone and pay them to do it for you.

Support isn’t going to add/edit/remove DNS records for you.


Oh right. Thank you for explaining that. Where do I find the DNS on my dashboard, please? It’s not obvious.

Select the domain you want to work on then select DNS in the sidebar.

What if noting appears in the domain box?

Is this were I’m meant to be?

No, that is where you manage domains you have registered with Cloudflare Registrar.

When you visit you should see a list of domains you have added to Cloudflare.

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Thank you for that. I think I’m there now. But I can’t see where to edit.


I’m here now.

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I was told I need @anon9246926 I needed to add an SPF record. I cant see that here. Do you know what that is? Thank you

For an SPF record use type TXT.

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Thanks @anon9246926 I cant see TXT on that page. Is it somewhere else?

Select the Add record button.

Under Type select TXT

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