Can Free Tier have Subdomains?

Can free tier have subdomain zones to host A records. By this I mean if I have already and I want to have and, so I want to host zones for and Can this be done on Free Tier?

You can, but your www examples are going to face this issue:

Never mind. I missed the “subdomain zone” part of the question. They would have to be part of the apex zone.

If you want to add a subdomain to Cloudflare as its own zone, you will need the enterprise plan (for each).

Thanks for the quick response, guess I’ll just have to figure out something else for my project.

Is it possible without an enterprise plan? I don’t mind the certificate issues I’ll be generating them via Let’s Encrypt myself. From the other commentor and what I saw online there’s no way to add the subdomain as it’s own site to manage.

I guess a clumsy workaround would be the Custom Hostname approach. Set up other apex zones, and point the subdomains there:

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