Can firewall rules override super bot fight mode settings?

I have chosen to “block verified bots” in the super bot fight mode settings. Now CF blocks the bots of Telegram messenger and I want those to be able to access my website to generate previews for stories shared over Telegram. What I did then was allow traffic from Telegram’s
AS62041 by a firewall rule. Now I see the same Telegam’s IP address first allowed by the allow rule and then immediately blocked by the Super bot fight mode rule for definite bots in the Firewall events activity log.

My question is: how can I make individual firewall rules override super bot fight mode settings?

Super bot fight mode is executed before firewall rules. If you want to have granular control, you will need the Enterprise bot management feature:

If you want to allow a particular ASN to bypass Super bot fight mode (and other security features), please use IP Access rules: Configuring IP Access Rules – Cloudflare Help Center.


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