Can extra nameservers in registrar cause Cloudflare to automatically delete my zone?

My company has DNS records hosted by CloudFlare. Last month, a team member inadvertently added two additional Cloudflare nameservers into our registrar’s nameserver configuration (for a total of 4) instead of only the 2 it was supposed to be. All 4 were legitimate Cloudflare nameservers.

Original Record: ian.ns.cloudflare aryanna.ns.cloudflare

New Record: ian.ns.cloudflare aryanna.ns.cloudflare tim.ns.cloudflare paislee.ns.cloudflare

5 days later, the domain showed as “Moved” and then 1 week afterwards, it was automatically deleted and then today it was purged. We did not know any of this was happening at the time until all of our DNS services went down. I have pieced most of this together from the log files in our Cloudflare account (pasted below).

2022-01-12T02:49:02Z 5e53bb44-5758-5401-b96a-6e86b01fc1a9 purge

2022-01-05T04:12:29Z 02e35763-496b-4c2f-bcdd-e3197906335b deleted

2022-01-05T02:49:02Z a47e7177-8dcd-4ba8-a7e2-3c67510dcd0b zone_delete:_certificate_pack_delete_requested

2022-01-05T02:49:00Z 4a9a3bd8-583c-57e5-ab96-01426a8bd1de delete

2021-12-29T02:48:57Z 8e339475-6d0a-57c0-8cb8-716df6b720f0 zone_moved

My question is this: we are trying to determine the root cause of the outage and would like to inquire if you can validate our theory that adding those two additional Cloudflare nameservers into the registrar would activate this sequence of events that transpired. The two correct nameservers that the domain was supposed to have were always there and never were deleted at any point.

Most likely, but I always get email warnings from Cloudflare when my domain status changes.

Your case does have a bit of a twist in that the name servers weren’t completely wrong.

If you don’t see any email messages from Cloudflare, open a ticket with support AT cloudflare DOT com and fully explain the situation. As soon as you get the autoreply, post the ticket # here so we can escalate it.

Thank you!

I actually tried to do that first, and got Cloudflare Support Ticket #2349452. I pretty much just copy and pasted everything here after it told me I didn’t have the premium support to email them.

I just escalated the ticket. Someone will probably take a look at it tomorrow.

I have not heard anything from Cloudflare support on this yet. @MoreHelp ticket 2349452.


I see the reply from last week directing you to post here.

We require only the two nameservers assigned to your account and if that changes, we will detect that change and start the process you outlined.

The superadmin will have received emails indicating a change occurred to alert you to the change.

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