Can end-to-end HTTPS (full strict) work with the pro plan and dedicated SSL with custom hostnames?

Hello everyone,

New to Cloudflare, not sure if Business plan is required. I need end-to-end HTTPS, full strict.

I understand the Pro plan I cannot import upload my own custom SSL certificate… okay I guess that’s not a problem Cloudflare offers Dedicated SSL with Custom Hostnames. But is it as simple as purchasing this for my domain ($10/month), and then installing the new cert on my servers (for windows servers do the crt requests etc.) so that this cert is applied “end-to-end”? Or is this logic flawed and I missed something that only the Business plan can do?

Thank you for your help.

“end to end” encryption where Cloudflare can’t see or read the incoming data isn’t possible with Cloudflare on plans other than Enterprise (and this mode is still not recommended since all CF will do is layer 3/4 DDOs protection, not 7).

In general you need to trust that Cloudflare isn’t logging or doing anything malicious with your requests, in the same way you would need to do if you used fastly, akamai, cloudfront, GCP LBs, etc.

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