Can Cloudflare Tunnel be run without SSO login?


I have put a Linux / Cent OS server behind a Cloudflare Tunnel.

Everything is working great, but the only thing that is annoying is that I cannot benchmark the server with outside services (Google Pagespeed for example).

It requires SSO login (email with code being sent) to view the page.

I tried to whitelist IP ranges, but it still requires SSO login.

Is there a way to bypass SSO?

PS: I’m aware of lighthouse Chrome plugin, but its inaccurate on a local machine. It’s usually 20 points higher than the actual Pagespeed result.

Any rules that you want to bypass the login page need a Bypass action - or Service Auth if you are using Service Tokens.

Allow will take you to the login page as normal.


Hmmm, ok I will try this out. Might need to adjust my application.

I’m using Magepack nodejs plugin to compile require js libraries list - it uses an internal browser and visits pages of the website to read off all the javascript files that are being loaded into the page.

An access policy is not required for a tunnel. Lots of companies use tunnels to expose their www website. If you don’t need user authentication just delete the policy

I tried this and it shows just a blank page saying something about SSO not being set up.

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