Can Cloudflare still work without NS?

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So here’s my current setup - I’m using, (It’s a CMS, and I bought my domain through them, so in turn it’s through a reseller) they have a DNS editor, but I can’t add any CNAME’s, etc. So what I’ve done is proxied the origin IP’s through CF, then add the NS through the CloudFlare dashboard.

My question is, with this, can I use all of CloudFlare’s tools? Still seems like there’s some lagging issues, etc.

I guess I could theoretically transfer the domain, and do a 301 redirect? Upon Googling, it does say I can still use CloudFlare without the NS pointing within the origin.

Any help would be useful! Thanks so much.

The typical setup starts with a working site and a full set of DNS entries.

You’d then add the site and all those DNS entries to Cloudflare, then go to your domain registrar and change the WHOIS name servers to the ones Cloudflare assigned.

You need to do this name server change for your Cloudflare settings to work.

So then, perhaps this is a solution?

Then I should take the domain, to the original provider, and get it out of Cargo? Since Cargo will not allow me to point the NS to the ones Cloudflare assigned. Some of the information they gave me, was pretty vague.

If you then want to connect the domain back to Cargo, without using our nameservers, you can do so using the alternate CNAME method (which is the only non-nameserver method we have on Cargo 2). The complete instructions for what you need to do are (in order):

  1. In your registrar’s control panel, modify the existing CNAME entry for www (or create a new one, if it doesn’t exist already), to have it point to Use that address exactly - do not change it in any way , as that’s the specific and correct record that needs to be there, not anything else.

  2. Still in your registrar’s control panel, add a 301 redirect, which points to (change these to your actual domain, of course).

  3. Enter (your actual domain, though) in the Cargo admin, under “Use an existing Domain Name”, then “Enter a Third-Party Domain” (paste the domain in there and hit the “enter” key on your computer keyboard).

That was from Cargo.

Those three-step instructions are good.

  1. I think they’ve got that covered. I don’t know if “subdomain” is literal, or there’s a special one they want you to use. DNS tutorial is here:
    Adding DNS Records
  2. Tutorial is here:
    Redirect to
  3. Also done at Cargo.
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Thank you @sdayman,

I appreciate it brother.

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