Can Cloudflare send notification when Cloudflare services stop working?

Yesterday, at least one of my sites was affected by the Cloudflare outage. The only reason we discovered it was from customer complaint. That’s not a good look for us.

I am hoping that there is a way for Cloudflare to send notification (text, email) whenever there is a Cloudflare outage.

If this doesn’t exist, I would like to request it as a product enhancement.

Thank you!

Many of us use Cloudflare health checks. Funny thing…when Cloudflare breaks, they can’t tell us they’re broken. I got my alerts near the end of the outage as systems were coming back up. So we go with third party reporting. Pingdom is good at this and others found Pingdom did a good job of alerting during yesterday’s outage.

If you’re looking at UptimeRobot, they use Cloudflare. I got no alerts from them.


Thank you. Yes. We are using UptimeRobot and we were wondering why we didn’t receive notification. Makes sense why now. I will look into paying Pingdom for their monitoring services.

Still, it would be a good idea for Cloudflare to incorporate this into their services… even if it’s only available for paying customers.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the outage did not affect the whole Cloudflare infrastructure, only part of it.

If you UptimeRobot monitor was hitting an unaffected datacenter, it would have no reason to send you an alert. You’d need to set UR or a similar service to monitor several CF datacenters (at least the ones most likely to serve your website core readership) to be able to have a clear picture of its availability at any given time.

I did receive an UptimeRobot alert for a Keyword Monitor related to SSL certificate. I have 3 domains with the same monitor, but only one was triggered. (The one for which the alert was triggered is a domain, while the other two were .com domains) However, when I used my cellphone to visit this domain it was available from my location. So I guess UR sent its monitoring request to another of CF datacenters, and hence the discrepancy.

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To add, CF did send an email to customers:

Although I only received this on one account’s email and not another’s, so maybe it required some email preference to be set.

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