Can Cloudflare retrieve content from closest origin server?

I plan to have two orign servers - one in the US and one in Australia. When a user browses my site through Cloudflare and the page is not already cached, would be great if Cloudflare could retrieve it from the closest origin server.

Can this be done? If, so, how?

If I get load-balancing and/or failover, it’s a bonus, but not a requirement. What I am after is latency. I am OK with using paid Cloudflare services if the free service does not support multiple origin servers or cannot select the closest one.

Thanks in advance

Do these servers share a common anycast address or do they have each their own address?

They have separate IPs (not anycast).

You can do this with geo-loadbalancing.

Is this available with a free account? If not, what is the minimal level of paid account that I need?

This is Included with per data center control on our Enterprise plan and you can enable for $10/month additional for the other plans. Is under the Performance section of Compare All Features option,

Thank you. Sounds like I need to add “Load Balancing” and “Geo Load Balancing” to my free account. How do I do this?

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