Can cloudflare please create a VoIP service?

Ever since the DDoS attack of started, I was wondering if it’s possible that Cloudflare can help. I’ve heard from many places around the internet that you can’t just throw Cloudflare in front of a VoIP server and call it a day. However, I don’t see why Cloudflare isn’t in a position to become a VoIP provider themselves. This could even create a superior service vs the competition. Specifically, the sheer density of their edge PoPs create very low latencies, for in-theory the best VoIP experience imaginable.

Would be interesting.

By chance, did you make this in response to Bandwidth Status - Voice and Messaging Incident ?

Actually, I posted this in response to a joke within a video explaining the recent DDoS attacks: VoiP DDoS Mitigation Explained With Ray Orsini from OITVoiP - YouTube

That would certainly be interesting. I’d only be a fan if they wouldn’t host spammy robocallers. But considering the gobs of scammy websites already on Cloudflare (no easy thing to restrict), I can’t see them wanting to get into the VoIP business. That really doesn’t benefit anybody. Best really would be to create Spectrum for VoIP like they did for Minecraft and SSH, though their Minecraft offering is more like a sampler due to its bandwidth limits.

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