Can cloudflare map a subfolder to another website or domain

I have a website in*
Another website.

What i need is to have* in*

I alredy solved GET , but i need to solve as well the POST methods. in order to be able to replicate a ecommerce, etc…

Some help, pls

May I ask, isn’t there a way at the origin host, the easier way, to create a sub-domain and move the files from the to the - just being curious here.

  • I remember there was a way to do rewrites using .htaccess

I believe there is some way using Cloudflare Page Rules and Forwarding URL option, possibly.

Haven’t tried yet, cannot confirm.

Wait a bit, you have two different domains? and want to redirect from one sub-domain to other domain directory?

If so, maybe this one:

If the URL matches:

Then the settings are:
Forwarding URL - 301 Permanent Redirect$2

Hopefully, you would move the needed files from to to make sure they exist and work.

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