Can Cloudflare keep our website running?

I haven’t started with Cloudflare yet, but I run a website for a charity and we’re about to do a campaign that may get a lot of traffic. We have a VPS web server but we’re concerned about it failing with too many visitors… And to upgrade to the next level of VPS (with 4x cores) is another £100pm.

Is this something where a CDN/Cloudflare can help? And what package should we be using?

All plans perform roughly the same for caching content that should help offload your server.

If you’re concerned about it crashing under load, give it a test with after you add the site to Cloudflare.

Hey thanks for the reply. That is damned useful.

So would you say that even on a free plan, Cloudflare can help with load?

Absolutely! It will cache all the biggest stuff. During peak times, the only traffic going through will be for the page HTML itself. If your server is optimized for that, it can handle it. If the most-visited page is static (no logins or user-specific content), you can cache that one here as well with some careful planning.

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