Can Cloudflare Help With Malicious Bots & Counterfeits?

I have not heard back from cloudflare sales so I am at a loss if this service will work for me.

RIght now our products are getting ripped off of our shopify website, Clothing mostly. They end up on counterfeit websites within 24 hours of a new product launch. We are USA based and only ship to the USA and it looks like the counterfeit sites are based out of China and Vietnam.

Is cloudflare going to be able to do anything to help stop all visitors & bots from the countries I select? Can they also stop visitors and bots from someone using a VPN in the USA?


I don’t think you’re going to find a technical solution to this problem. You could block all foreign connections, but then there are seemingly infinite VPNs and other workarounds.

If a human can view your site, then any determined human can.

But do you think it can at least help? Somethng is better than nothing.
Thank you

It can certainly help slow them down. Not to mention the other benefits of a general firewall and some performance features.

If you’ve got the time, you can start hunting down suspicious IP addresses and block their networks.

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