Can cloudflare help us to forward https to http for our website?

Hi team,

We want to user access to our website like diagram below:

Users (internet) <–https–> (Cloudflare) <–http–> (our website, working on port 80).

Can we configure cloudflare to setup as this above diagram?



That is not secure and you can’t have such a setup.

Simply configure a certificate on your server and you are good to go. Cloudflare even offers Origin certificates to makes this even easier than Lets Encrypt.

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Technically, this can be done by setting SSL/TLS encryption mode to Flexible.

But as what @sandro mentioned, this is not secure and definitely not the best practice.
Create an origin certificate in Cloudflare and install it in your server, if possible.

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Congrats, one more site on the Internet which will be lying to and deceiving its users.

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