Can Cloudflare Help Optimise/Secure My Site During International Product Launches?

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Hi Cloudflare Community, I’m new to the e-commerce world and am gearing up for an international product launch. My business involves importing products from overseas and selling them online, and I want to ensure that my website can handle the increased traffic and remain secure. I have a few specific questions: Performance Optimisation: How can I use Cloudflare to improve the loading times for my website visitors from different regions? Security: What are the best practices for using Cloudflare’s security features to protect my site from potential threats, especially during high-traffic periods? Scalability: Are there any tips for scaling my e-commerce site effectively with Cloudflare during major sales events? Global Reach: How can I leverage Cloudflare’s CDN to provide a seamless shopping experience for international customers? Analytics: How can Cloudflare’s analytics help me understand and improve my site’s performance and security during and after the launch? I appreciate any insights or experiences you can share that could help me make the most of Cloudflare’s services for my upcoming product launches. Thanks in advance for your support!

You can check out:

Learning paths · Cloudflare Docs provides various of detailed instructions on how to set up Cloudflare. We highly suggest you to take a look and follow up the instruction.

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Thank you so much!

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