Can Cloudflare help me with FTP?

Can people at Cloudflare help me delete a file with FTP

I do not know how to use FTP and I need a file deleted to install yoast premium on my wordpress site. I am having errors abd apparently that is the solution.


You should probably contact your host about that. They should be able to help you use FTP.

My host is Cloudflare

No, Cloudflare is an intermediate between the Internet and your HTTP services, offered by some host; They’re not the ones who host your content, who are the same entity that can have an FTP service on the server that hosts your site, to which Cloudflare connects when it gets your traffic.

Before you had Cloudflare service in the first place, you were talking to some other entity, right? That is your host.

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Okay perfect thank you so much for helping me - I believe my hosting is site ground


Well, if you check from the outside, i.e. “The Internet”, then “The Internet” sees Cloudflare, which is fronting your actual host - that’s the Cloudflare service - to hide your real host from the Internet. It’s a proxy service.

I did mention Cloudflare is between the Internet and your actual host. To know who is your actual host, you need to either disable the Cloudflare service (by other "pause"ing service in the overview Tab, or by clicking the orange icon next to the relevant subdomain(s) in the DNS tab), or to check the IP the DNS points to, and check who owns THAT IP, to know who is really your host.

Well I somehow now have no idea who is hosting my site - I am not a developer in the slightest

But I thank you for all of your help. I cannot seem to get an answer other than Cloudflare


I did tell you the way to find your host. If you follow what I wrote, you’ll find the answer. All you need is the IP of ‘www’ or ‘’ from the DNS tab, throw it to some WHOIS service, like - and you shall have your answer.