Can Cloudflare Help me Hide my Sitemap from Attackers

Please can anyone help me here. I am using the 20$ package for my website It there a way I can stop attacker from viewing my sitemap.

I want to hide my sitemap XML file from all but allow access from search engines alone.

What is the way to do it?

The Known Bots selector when making a firewall rule refers to known good bots, like Google’s crawler and other search engines - you could make it so that if Known Bots is false, block the traffic.

Note that this uses Cloudflare’s list of friendly bots which might not include all search engines.

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Please can you explain, how i can do this, I would be very grateful for your help

You would just need to create a firewall like this

This would mean that anyone but verified bot isn’t able to access /sitemap.xml


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