Can CloudFlare DNS servers be authoritative along with another set from another DNS vendor?

Planning to include Cloudflare DNS servers at registrar as authoritative, but not as the only ones.

Will this work, or will the domains be still be deleted periodically as they are when they are not delegated to at all?

Documentation seems to imply that Cloudflare servers should be the only authoritative ones, which we would not want to do.


Cloudflare servers need to be the only nameservers in your whois. You can use a partial setup to cover certain scenarios if you are on a business or enterprise subscription, but that still won’t involve mixing Cloudflare with other nameservers at your registrar.

Cloudflare Help Center
Understanding a CNAME Setup

There are a few setups with Cloudflare nameservers that will be of interest. The most likely candidate is with Cloudflare as Primary with outgoing zone transfers to the secondary. All of the “advanced” setups are available to Enterprise customers only. Some details here:

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Thanks, so Cloudflare will not support a DNS setup that is multi-vendor for redundancy.

I appreciate the quick responses!

That is not the case. Companies that need multi-vendor redundancy will not usually be on a PAYG plan, and Enterprise customers have access to various options.

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You are right, for an undetermined amount of money Cloudflare will do zone transfers, and undoubtedly other special services.

But what I was most surprised at and commenting on was their unwillingness to be one of a number of independent providers listed at a registrar until you are at that pricing tier. (not even planning on AXFR, just independent updates.)

Enterprise pricing seems opaque, and undoubtedly overkill for the strictly DNS-only redundancy service that we are looking for.

Agreed. But almost all “enterprise” product pricing is opaque.

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