Can Cloudflare disable images that are deleted on a website but still CDN cached?

There are images on a website which I’ve managed to get the webmaster to disable, but they still appear in the CDN cache (and won’t expire for another ten years). Can Cloudflare disable them on their end?

If the website owner have actually deleted the images from their storage, all the website owner needs to do, would be to request Cloudflare to purge the cache for the relevant files.

TTL is most often “maximum time”.

Even with a such long TTL, I still don’t think you would find any CDN, that would be caching the file for that long, although eventual “evicting files from cache” policies may vary a lot from CDN to CDN.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can’t get the website owner to do that. The cache ttl is ten years (315360000 seconds), but you reckon they’ll disappear before that? It’s a CDN4 link if that helps.

I am not saying (in any kind of guaranteed way) that they will disappear before, - but at the same time, I highly doubt that they will stay in the Cloudflare cache for that long.

So this thread is a duplicate of How long do images stay in the CDN once the origin has been removed? where already told you that the Cloudflare Community cannot help you with a website that you do not own and control?

Well, - if it is related to the thread above as it seems, then based on this one:

Base on this, and the other things from the other thread, I highly doubt that they’ve told you that the truth, about that they removed the images from their origin servers, assuming that the image requests (and headers) from the other thread is the actual file you’re trying to get removed.

If it isn’t completely gone from their origin servers, AND all internal layers they may eventually have before hitting their storage, Cloudflare will simply request it again, and then cache it again, whenever the next request for the given file comes in to effect.

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