Can Cloudflare convert from WebP to JPG?

Can Cloudflare convert my files from WebP to JPG?

I know the opposite is possible using Polish (from JPG to WebP) on demand. But is it possible to go from WebP in the source, to JPG at the browser, if it does not support WebP?

We switched to WebP recently due to its advantages in storage compression. However, we still need to support some browsers that don’t support that image.

Hi @user4754,

It’s not possible. Cloudflare’s WebP-related feature is Polish, which serves the original images in that format when two conditions are true:

  1. The user’s browser supports WebP;
  2. The WebP version is lighter than the original;

You can learn more about Polish through the following pages:

And browsing posts under the Polish tag on Cloudflare Blog.

Let me know if you need any further help.

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Is there any other Cloudflare technology that can provide WebP to JPG conversion?

I don’t think so. That would be exactly the opposite of what the Polish feature proposes to do.

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