Can cloudflare cache MP4 files

Hello, I’m wondering if cloudflare can cache MP3 files ?

CloudFlare doesn’t cache MP4 or MP3 by default. You have to create a page rule and set cache setting to “cache everything”

but cloudfalre is ok if hit bandwidth like 1TB or 2TB ?

CloudFlare doesn’t allow caching or proxying MP4 files. İn order to do that you have to be enterprise member.

Okay thanks for the reply it’s out my current budget :joy_cat:

I will slightly correct the above statement, with the obvious disclaimer: I am not an employee and do not speak on behalf of Cloudflare, I am basing this statement on experience.

Cloudflare allows the caching of MP3 and MP4 files, but they can’t be the main file type cached. Some is fine, just don’t saturate the network at a point where they know your free plan is constraint resources.

For videos, use Cloudflare Stream, it’s better and it’s kinda cheap…

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