Can cloudflare block website CMS and PHP version Visibility?

Hello Team,
My Wordpress Ecommerce website is currently running on Cloudflare free version and I am seriously in need of a feature that can help block the visibility of my wordpress CMS and PHP version from online CMS checkers and general website snoopers. If I buy the Cloudflare Pro Plan, can it help to achieve this feature?

Thanks in anticipation to anyone who is kind enough to answer this.

Not really, these things are best done on your server. For PHP you should follow remove php version headers - Google Search

If you absolutely have to do it on Cloudflare’s side, your only option would be a Worker script where you filter out the respective HTTP headers, but that will be mostly a paid feature unless the number of free requests is fine.

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Thanks so much for your answer Sandro. If i am to do this with cloudflare, which of their plans best support this feature?

All the plans support Workers, however you will need the paid plan if you exceed the limit of the free plan. I’d strongly advice to do this server-side.

Alright Sandro, I will check it out from the server side to see if this is obtainable. Thanks again.

PS. For Clarification sake, please point me to the resources on how to use thw Worker Script.

So much appreciated!

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