Can cloudflare block form submissions?

Please make sure you read this properly, so you don;t tell me to check the things I have already checked and ruled out.

I have a website where form submissions are not going through, something is blocking them from being submitted and I want to know if Cloudflare could somehow cause this, as I have ruled out everything else.

This is not an email-related issue, as the issue occurs even when email is not involved, emails are not failing or going into spam, as no emails are even being sent to begin with. Plus the forms are also submitted directly into a CRM system as well and that doesn’t happen either.
It literally seems as though the actual form submission is being blocked.

We have tested with different types of forms and completely different solutions.
Originally we were using an embedded zoho form (which submits directly into zoho crm), and we thought this was the issue.
So I replaced it with a wpform, using SMTP to send the email and zoho flow to integrate with the CRM.

I have also tried putting a test form (that did not use email) on a standalone html page with nothing on it except the form, and we still had issues, so this rules out it being anything to do with wordpress or any plugins.

When I test the contact form, it seems to work fine, but for anyone else, we are never getting the form submissions, they will just randomly stop working.

Its in case you want to have a look

Can you try that domain name again? That’s not a valid domain.

If you look at the HTML forms, if you look for method="post" and then look at the action= on the same tag, where are the forms actually being submitted to? An URL on your own server? Or an external URL like a third-party form service? If it’s being submitted to an external URL, Cloudflare can’t be doing anything (unless the form provider also uses Cloudflare).

Also, what happens if you bypass Cloudflare by either grey-clouding your DNS entries or using the “pause Cloudflare” option? Do you still have issues? Wait at least 5 minutes before testing.

Is it ? If so, looks like the form POSTs to a script on your own site so Cloudflare could potentially be doing something… try bypassing Cloudflare and see if anything changes

the form submits to the same page.
It is then dealt with by code on that page,
For the WordPress version, backend code will process the form submissions, for the zoho forms, it was processed client site with Javascript.

Unfortunately, because the issue occurs randomly and intermittently, by the time the client tells me, it will usually have started working again. It might be a week or 2 till it next happens.
So my only way me to determine is Cloudflare is the cause is to bypass it permanently and see if the issue reoccurs.

Thus why I am posting here to see if anyone else has ever experienced this.

Hi there,

I have a custom embedded google form into my website and I have the same issue.

Although I am not a pro at coding. I’ve tried submitting the same form with Netlify and it works. It seems that Cloudflare is blocking people from clicking the submit button.

this is rather worrying.
I have dozens of sites behind Cloudflare, I am now wondering how many contact form enquiries have been blocked on all of them.

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