Can Cloudflare apps have cloudflare worker like functionality?

Hi folks,

I’m building a saas that analyses API traffic (requests and responses) and uses this information to generate up to date documentation for the API, while also offering some form of observability use cases:

My question is, can a Cloudflare third-party app have logic that intercepts user requests and sends them to my service for analysis? I know this can be implemented via Cloudflare worker, but users can’t just install the worker on their services (from the Cloudflare apps store) without having to implement it themselves. From what I see, most Cloudflare apps only inject javascript or CSS files into requests. Is this the only supported use-case for Cloudflare apps?

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Cloudflare did actually allow Cloudflare apps with a Worker bundled to it at one point (For example the Logflare Cloudflare app), but they no longer allow any new submissions with Workers.

I am not sure anymore what the exact reason was for not accepting those kind of submissions anymore, but I do know that it’s not a priority right now for the Workers team to consider accepting those type of Cloudflare apps again.

Oh I see. Thanks for responding.

Do you know if it’s something that will ever be available again?