Can cloudfare be used for registering new DNS?


I registered a cloudfare domain few days ago for 5 years on cloudfare. Actually, I started with buying the domain from google or godaddy etc., but then decided to use cloudfare.
However, I am now confused as it is still asking me to add DNS records. Doesn’t cloudfare automatically update DNS records? How can I know what IP to use for DNS, as I can’t resolve the dns name with nslookup.

For now I think I have made a mistake in proceeding to buy a domain directly on cloudfare without studying much about how cloudfare works.

I think I get it now. I didn’t think about it clearly before.
So registering a domain doesn’t block an IP on cloudfare, but blocks the domain name from being used. Hosting provider actually provides the IP.

Correct. CloudFlare handles the DNS your host handles the location (IP address) and storage etc…

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