Can CF email me when a user has an error?

A site user emailed me today with a screenshot of an “origin unreachable” error they were getting on my site. The error seems to have fixed itself, though, and I have no idea what caused it.

But rather than relying on a user to contact me, is there a way to get CF to email me when someone gets an error like that?

Only for paid plans: Overview · Cloudflare Health Checks docs

If you’re on the free plan, there are a-million-and-one site monitoring services out there, with most of them having a generous free tier: uptime monitoring - Google Search

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You can also setup error rate alerts that alert when the rate of 5xx errors experiencd by real users is abnormally large

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@Erisa, the doc isn’t exactly clear on how to set this up, but using it as a starting point I found “Traffic Monitoring” under Notifications. It didn’t have the customization that was described in the doc, though.

Am I overlooking where to activate this? Or is it only for paid users?

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