Can Business plan stop bot traffic well?


My website recently has increased significantly amount of page views (x5 daily, and non-stop since May), however, the unique pageviews metric didn’t increase. It causes our time on page metric drop up to 80%.

The source of this increasing view comes from organic traffic (as checking on GA).

Please check more detail on this situation

So, I assume that it comes from bot traffic.

Right now we are using Pro Plan, and have enabled Bot Management Option, but the problem just won’t go away.

So, I am considering upgrading to Business Plan.

My question is that If I upgrade to Business Plan, will it stop my bot traffic situation? If it can, I will test for 1, 2 months then going back to Pro Plan, does it cause any problem?

Please, could you help me answer this question or if you have any solution for this problem, please enlighten me

Our SEO effort was ruined because of this problem.

Thank everyone. Sorry for my bad English.

I believe you are referring to Super Bot Fight Mode right?

I don’t think you can get much benefit (especially on bot mitigation) from the Business Plan. There’s a product called Bot Management (different from Super Bot Fight Mode) which offers advanced analysis of bot scoring, but this is only available on Enterprise plan.

Anyway, you can try to tune your Firewall rules to JS challenge some known hosting providers such as OVH and AWS, since most probably they are the source of bot traffic.

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Thanks for your answer. I will have it a try

Yes, I was referred to Super Bot Fight Mode.

I wonder if CloudFare or anyone using this hosting have experienced the situation before?

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