Can Argo improve performance in Taiwan?

It’s now very slow to browse a Cloudflare website in Taiwan. Can I improve the performance of it by using Argo? I know that using the Business plan would allow usthe usage of the TPE PoP, but it’s very pricey and we cannot afford it at the moment. Thanks!

It’s hard to say. The connection to the Cloudflare POP wouldn’t change by enabling argo. But the connection from that POP to the origin server’s performance would potentially change if we could calculate a faster route through our network vs making a request to the origin server.

So if the performance slowness is around downloading content which is already cached by Cloudflare, argo wouldn’t help at all unfortunately as it’s the closeness of the POP (and the speed of light) which are the primary limiting factors.

But if there is also a delay regarding non-static content where the origin server is returning a response then it is possible there could be a performance improvement.

Are you still having this problem? Actually my domain is with Cloudflare Pro with Argo enabled as well, also WPEngine has a data centre in Taiwan so SFTP is like, wicked fast but I don’t have any issue when it comes to Argo, I see at least a 40% speed improvement, usually half reduction. The only thing low as such is the percentage that we’re smart routed, but that’s depends on where people are accessing from as well right.