Can APO cache multi-query pages?

Links with two queries, can APO be cached without adding any page rules


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There is no necessity to create page rules. APO automatically caches content for 30 days and invalidates on change within 30 seconds.

Check this document:

But if I remove Cache Level: Ignore Query String, it will bypass the cache, can you help me

APO is able to cache query pages that have ? to the link below

When Chrome DevTools is open, Chrome sends Cache-Control: no-cache by default. You can uncheck the Disable cache (while DevTools is open) setting and see that cf-cache-status: HIT and cf-apo-via: cache headers will be returned.

Please read the Doc. It’s mentioned.

I confirmed that I turned off Disable “cache send” and cleared cookies, but only to add the query character? wmc-currency, the cache is bypassed, if the query character is removed, the cache is hit

The origin server instructed Cloudflare to bypass cache via a Cache-Control header set to no-cache ,private , or max-age=0 even though Cloudflare originally preferred to cache the asset. BYPASS is returned when enabling Origin Cache-Control. Cloudflare also sets BYPASS when your origin web server sends cookies in the response header.

But I can be cached using Cache Level: Ignore Query String, isn’t that APO doesn’t support wordpress query characters?

You are using the APO plugin. It can be clashing due to this existing rule.

I just used APO cache and I want to know can the below url be cached by APO
Because these urls of mine keep getting bypassed

APO can cache dynamic pages, which is why it exists.

Your issue is due to Query Strings, which it won’t cache:


Thank you for your reply, I understand that the currency query character ?wmc-currency=AUD will not be cached, is there any way to implement the cache, I don’t want to use the $200 enterprise service

I am able to store character query pages using the page rule below, but I am worried that it will conflict with APO and also cause other errors, such as backend and shopping cart pages

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