Can API tokens be reatined when the user that created them is removed?

I’m guessing that if I remove a user from my Cloudflare account, any API tokens that user created go with them and services using those API tokens will need new ones.

I’m also guessing if I want durable API tokens that aren’t link to a user, I need to create a dummy user and create the tokens under that account.

I’m hoping (but doubtful) that there is some way to either retain API keys created by a user or create durable API keys that don’t need to be linked with a specific user account (or both). Does anyone know if anything like that is possible? I searched the documentation but was unable to find any way to confirm or deny my assumptions.


You are correct in thinking that it isn’t possible. The only way to use dummy or service accounts that you make and use the API token generated by that account.

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