Can anyone using Cisco VPN try to access my website?

My domain is It serves assets for my site I service 1M+ requests a day. 99% fulfill no problem. You can see it in action here:

Unfortunately I have had multiple reports now of assets not loading when accessed from certain corporate networks. It is hard to test why or observe further because the users are non-technical and I only get a transient support ticket.

So far, I have identified one commonality: both users that have provided screenshots of the issue have a cisco vpn icon in their screenshot. I was able to observe network conditions for one user and it appears to be a 499 error - likely caused by corporate firewall (?)

I have viewed website reputation records and my domain comes back as safe.

Anyone have ANY ideas why my domain is being blocked? Anyone on a cisco network that can try to load my page? I am dying here.

Hi there,
499 is indeed a client issue I’m afraid:
It means that the client unexpectedly closed the request before the server could handle it and provide a response.

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