Can Anyone tell me why Cloudflare blocks ShipBob - my shipping vendor from accessing my site?

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What is the domain name?

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When you tested your domain, what were the results?

Describe the issue you are having:
When Cloudflare is paused…my shipping partner’s API accesses my site and pulls data as it should. When Cloduflare is on, it blocks ShipBob.

What error message or number are you receiving?
“Error while pulling WooCommerceV2 orders. Please try again!”

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. allowlisted Ip Addresses
    2.Tried removing and re-installing Cloudflare with no added features

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

What are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Turn Cloudflare on

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?
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