Can anyone tell me what the remedy to the following errors might be?

I keep getting the results that my connection has changed from a0k to the following (it’s been this way since I listed back with Cloudflare which is the reason I’m asking here):

“Your nameserver does not include A records when asked for your NS records.”
(*Is this a problem?)

“Your nameservers are on the same Class C IP range. This is very bad if you want to be found in the case of outage, or even worst, problems!”

I’m not sure about the following one but list it here anyway.
Your DNS servers return the following MX records: :

NP :


*(I don’t know what np stands for but it can’t be no problem since It is shown to me in red which means problem)

Thanks to anyone that knows more about this sort of stuff.

That second warning is a low level warning for Cloudflare. But Cloudflare’s name servers are redundant, so it’s pretty resistant to outage.

The other stuff just says you have missing DNS records. Is something not working? What’s your domain?

Hey thanks for your time!!
My domain is

Your domain works, so I wouldn’t worry about their complaints. That first warning is weird. It’s as if they want a name server to have an “A” record for itself. Maybe they’re thinking of GLUE records. Regardless, the name servers are fine.

As for last warning on MX records, you only need an MX record if you receive email at that domain. As they discovered, your domain doesn’t have an MX record. I suspect this is intentional, as you’d notice a lack of email right away. NP probably stands for Not Present.

See, I kind of gathered that everything was working fine so I was just on another fishing expedition.
Not to worry sdayman, I run out of topics quickly so the questions will peter out soon enough ":wink:

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Hey Sdayman,

Is there something you know about stopping anyone from connecting to your server via the ip address instead of the domain name?

There is this 3. ip and 13. ip that keeps hitting me but when I block the ip range it does nothing…using the stupid att modem’s firewall

Yes…a firewall. I run VPSs, so I have complete control over my server’s firewall. I block any access that doesn’t come through Cloudflare…but I do whitelist my home’s IP address for my own access.

I’m using iptables (sometimes) and don’t know anything about vps

You wouldn’t happen to know how to block the incoming connections using iptables would you?

That’s a better question for StackOverflow, as it’s a server configuration question. I’m there are lots of tutorials for iptables and Cloudflare out there.


Thanks again…I’m at stackoverflow now

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Okay I found a solution on stack but liked the one already on Cloudflare better. For anyone else wanting to know, I started with this precursor page:
This page told me to whitelist
But then I noticed this page:
This page told me how to be god (bout time)

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