Can anyone help with my bluehost Cloudflare setup?

I have bluehost with wordpress and google MX with Google Workspace. I am using Cloudflare for the CDN and DNS but it says the my blue host IP is proxied with A records @ (domain root) and www so I don’t know why bluehost is saying this and givne me black code screen and timing itself out. The bluehost support said he fixed upgraded and update my php which would make sense but seriously that was forever ago an I am still having this error even on VPN and after clearing all cache in browsers and on site.

Bluehost Site prompt:
Please redirect your DNS

aftamusic A records are not pointing to Bluehost. To fix this, please log in to the DNS provider associated with this domain. Then redirect your A record to point to Bluehost IP. If you have any questions, please [reach out to Support]. Your changes might take a few hours to go into effect.

Also I am looking to hire a DNS tech or specialist to help me through a couple of company domains routing configurations and make sure things are all up to specs. I have some more complex setups that are at least to me that I am sure a pro would breeze through but this is just causing me so much time wasted and being so upset with errors. If anyone has any recommendations on general experts for hire please let me know.

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