Can anyone help on this issue?

Hi When my web site working? I’m waiting 28 hours already. I am losing my customers. 30 hours my webpage dont working? WHY?! one certificate? if it is big problem for your company active it so I dont want it!! I will wait 5-6 hours and if my site dont working I will say Hostinger back my money and fix my webpage. my account {email redacted} web page

never! if your one SSL Cloud Certificate 2 day will be activated nobody want that hosting HOSTINGER it best for me!!!

@nenco is on a partial partner setup and the DNS is hosted elsewhere.

This article may be helpful, In particular, it points to this doc that seems to apply to your situation,, How do partners enable SSL for partial and full DNS integrations? Seems to be something you need to initiate with hostinger. @nenco, did you go through the CNAME records for SSL verification process with hostinger?

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why I pay money and after then have me many problems?

we are not satisfied with your service. such a service would not. İ waiting 34 hours and my web page dont work! I’ll say it on all social networks. İnstagram Facebook Linkedin. I wouldn’t expect this from you.

Have you tried what @cloonan suggested before you start complaining even more! Also, have you contacted support?

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Do you know what is it support? :düşünme: nobody give us any support. i think that only money interesting for your company

Most of us here are not Cloudflare employees, this is the community support forum, have you opened a support ticket?

login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Hello Neco, here I share a video, is in Spanish to help me a lot, I have only one mistake to correct, do not lose hope or joy.


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