Can anyone help me locate my website?

Hello good people.

My previous web designee said he uploaded my website by using Cloudflare for SSL. Does this mean the website is sitting on the Cloudflare site or somewhere else? I also see that I have a Digital ocean account.

Help pls!

Cloudflare does not host sites, it sounds like digital ocean is hosting. What is the domain?


The genius of a designer told me that Digital Ocean was useless… And Digital Ocean support does not answer. Domain =

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Thank you. Site loads with SSL in place and looks good. To edit the site, you’ll need your digital ocean credentials. The designer should be able to give you some pointers.

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The designer is hopeless. Waiting for Digital Ocean to finally get back to me. Cheers for confirming that Cloudflare only handles the SLL.

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We’ll do a lot more than just SSL, depending upon how the site and account are configured, cloudflare may be handling dns and perhaps some performance enhancements as well, just not hosting the the site. Once you have access, post back if you have questions about updates or changes and cache control.

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