Can anyone explain contradictory page and visit stats on Cloudflare analytics

If I look at ‘Web Analtics, Sites’ I get page views and visits in the low hundreds, but if I go to Account Analytics, I get page views and visits in the thousands. Can anyone explain? (By the way, we went down to the library and read numerous pages without logging in and none of those reads registered.

Cloudflare stats for Thurs 16 Feb 2023 (Melbourne time)

Web Analytics Sites

Page views (last 24 hrs) 335

Visits (last 24 hrs) 113

Account Analytics

All sites for xxx @ gmail.coms’s Account

Previous 24 Hours

Requests 57.17k (up 16.71%

Bandwidth 1.56GB (UP 5.75%)

Visits 25.83k (down 2.31%)

Page views 31.44k (Down 1.38%)

This is a JavaScript beacon, which will only be run by browsers - it can be blocked by Adblock.

These are traffic analytics which includes bots and generally any requests.

Thanks a lot for the response. Are you saying that peoples’ browsers are registered by some kind of java script (beacon) as they open a page? What would I look up to learn more about this? Thanks again.

I guess that since Cloudflare supplies analytics, that must mean that we have the ‘java script snippet’ on our browser.

How do I check that we do? Can you tell me?