Can anyone else know the server IP of the site that activated Cloudflare?

I am a Korean user who is using Cloudflare.
Can someone else know my server ip?
in the opinion of many people Even with Cloudflare dns They say I can know the ip. Is this true?

Yes they can know if you use DNS only mode (:grey:) which returns original IP when someone query

But they cannot know if you use dns+proxied :orange: mode.

Important tips

  • One can find via history if you had unprotected hostname before.
  • Better change your IP and never keep DNS only mode, always use dns+proxy :orange: mode.

Can anyone else know my IP when using dns + proxy mode?

Probably from historical data on the internet. But not from Cloudflare.

If your server sends emails, your email provider usually adds the sending IP (i.e. your server IP) to the email. That’s one of the ways to find out your server’s IP.

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True. This is a reason why we should off-load e-mail to some other 3rd-party server like G Suite/SES depending on usage requirement.

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