Can anyone check my DNS Settings?


Concerning all this digital technology stuff I am very likely less competent, than a stone.
This is the reason, why I would like to ask the Cloudflare Community to help me with my DNS Settings.
I purchased the Cloudflare domain to use it for my custom domain Apple iCloud email Account.
Somehow I managed to set everything up. At least, when I write to my second email Adress everything seams to work fine. Because I will use it as by business email, I want to make sure everything is set up fine and all the emails I sent gets received, same withs the emails sent to me.
I would be extremely thankful, if anyone could tell me his opinion, whether they are correct, incorrect or improbable.
A screenshot of my DNS settings is attached to this post.
Are there any other important settings to pay attention to other than the DNS settings?

Thank you very much in advance für your help!

Best greetings,

You can share a screenshot, just block out the IP address and other values, but it gives a good idea of what records you have and their proxy status.

Thank you for your response.
I have attached a screenshot of the DNS Settings to my first post.
Best greetings,

Here is the result of a Spam Test from “mailgenius”, which I have recently made:
Besides eventually the DMARC Settings, everything seams to be fine.

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