Can Angular Universal (SSR) be deployed on CloudFlare pages?

Recently, I have used Vercel serverless function to deploy my Angular Universal (SSR) app. But right now I want to migrate my app to Cloudflare. I wonder if I can deploy my Angular Universal (SSR) on Cloudflare pages (like Vercel serverless function). Or, if it doesn’t possible, I want to know if there is a way to deploy my Angular Universal (SSR) on Cloudflare like Vercel serverless function.

I also want to migrate my Angular Universal app from Vercel to Cloudflare Pages.

I tried it out but Angular Universal is using Express which uses Node.js functions that are not supported by Cloudflare Workers. There is an open feature request on Angular’s side to reduce the usage of Node.js dependencies but it will probably get closed because of missing amount of upvotes: